11 Layering Tricks to Try When It's 50 Degrees Out

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5 Issues Every Girl Has With Skinny Jeans (and How to Fix Them)

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The 3 Best One-Piece Swimsuits, According to a Stylist

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Are Bramis the Next Big Lingerie Trend?

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Target Just Released 1700 Swimsuits, Zero Airbrushed Images

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These 5 Gender-Fluid Fashion Lines Are Changing the Game

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Praise Be: This Year's Denim Trends Are Actually for Grown-Ups

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Here's Exactly How to Be More Assertive in a Relationship

There is a right and wrong time to be assertive—here's how to know the difference.

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The One Ankle Boot Style You Should Stop Wearing in 2018

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5 Commandments of Getting a Chemical Peel With Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

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This Is the Grown-Up Way to Wear Sneakers and Track Pants

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This 42-Year-Old French Trendsetter Has the Best Style Advice

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Meghan Markle Has a Genius $8 Packing Secret

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The 3-Word Rule Fashion Insiders Use When Getting Dressed

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5 Natural Remedies That Will Reduce Rosacea

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How to Wear the Pastel Trend This Spring

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The Truth About Wearing Chunky Heels for Less Foot Pain

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How to Organize Your Tiny Closet Like an Expert

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What I Learned After 30 Minutes With Bella Hadid

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This Is How Camilla Belle Makes Old Hollywood Style Feel Cool

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Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly Are Wearing the Boots You Never Thought You'd See Again

Looks like your favorite boots from middle school are making a comeback

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2 Men Kissing in a Fashion Ad: It's Life—Get Over It

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The Coolest Bags to Buy for Spring—Before They Sell Out

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Issa Rae's $80 Romper Screams Summer

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The Serum Guide: The Latest and Greatest for Achieving Your Skin Goals

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Target Just Released 1700 Swimsuits, Zero Airbrushed Images

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Every Single Way to Wear a Bandana

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Brigitte Macron Wore the French-Girl Version of a Power Suit in India

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The Prettiest Bridesmaid Dresses for a Country-Style Wedding

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4 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore When Dating Someone New

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The 3 Types of Jeans That Are Best for Flat Butts

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